Posted in things we like by hemmant jha on March 31, 2009

Germain-Robin alambic brandy.

I first picked up a bottle of G-R brandy when I was looking for a good single malt. The refined and purposeful label caught my eye – I bought a bottle on instinct and have consumed and gifted quite a few since.

At $40, the basic bottle is not cheap, but perfectly reasonable for what it holds – a spirit of  delightful complexity and refinement, much more enjoyable than comparably priced cognacs. It is light on its feet and a perfect accompaniment to classic jazz of the highest calibre.

There’s something to be said for subtle variations in products, not as a result of lack of attention paid to production, but simply through human involvement – possible only in a small, dedicated producer [G-R]. Hubert Germain-Robin oversees the entire process, and Ansley Coale, co-founder, will take your calls. While consistency is seen as a virtue in mass production, it can often lead to products lifeless and uninvolving, especially in food and drink. G-R brandy has the very variations one looks forward to discovering, from one lot to the next [Lot 24 featured]. 

Buy a bottle of your own….or befriend this author.



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