Posted in good design, things we like, tools of the trade by hemmant jha on April 26, 2009

KOH-I-NOOR / Hardtmuth leadholders.

Currently manufactured in the Czech Republic, Koh-i-noor leadholders and drafting equipment are all time classics. Professional level quality and workmanship with robust metal construction throughout means that these are unlikely to break down within a few decades of use. Considerably heavier than the Fixpencil by Caran d’Ache, these are better suited to drafting than to freehand drawing. has a wonderful archive of mechanical pencils, particularly drafting pencils. This link will direct you to the L&C Hardtmuth Versatil page, with its history and full range on display.

All said, these are gorgeous pencils – real workman’s tools and desk candy rolled into one, all for the princely sum of $7 at Andrey’s Pencils.


For more on pens, inks, notebooks and related matters, please visit these posts : tools of the trade.





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