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Leica 14320. Tabletop tripod for compact cameras.

Most of my photography can be roughly categorized as street photography [1,  2], and the cameras I use are street shooters [pocketable, high quality, fast] – Ricoh GR21 and Ricoh GR1S. As such, I have no use for tripods. When a stable perch is called for, a coffee cup, a handrail or the edge of table works just fine. In some situations, however, a bit more angular flexibility or tilt can be useful.

Perfectly tailored to just this scenario is the Leica 14320 – rather a long product code for the diminutive tri-footed helper. Needless to say, build quality is beyond reproach – it looks good and works as one would expect. Another product not designed for the landfill – the red dot lives on in style.










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  1. […] on who designed it [and perhaps the history of the product]. I have written about it here : 76 thinkmore I have contacted Leica, and am waiting to hear back. In my experience, however, unless a product […]

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    […] GR21 is a bit less portable – less pocketable, actually. The lens assembly does not retract fully […]

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    […] utilitarian also a fabulous design object? Absolutely. Products by Braun and Snap-on come to mind. Leica and Ricoh […]

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    […] we will publish detailed examinations of each object, much as we’ve done here, here and here. More object examinations can be found under the ‘tools of the trade’ category on this […]

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