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Once the most common of sweeteners, it is now a rarity in much of the developed world, having been dethroned by corn syrup of the regular and the high-fructose variety. The insidious nature of this transition is documented in King Corn – this film should be on your Netflix list, if it is not already [in much the same way that Fast Food Nation should be on many more bookshelves – Amazon has them used from $0.60, so there’s really no excuse, is there?]. Sugar is now making a gradual comeback in these markets, supported by the trend towards the consumption of more ‘natural’ products.

Pepsi Natural / Pepsi Raw is one such product that we wrote about – but what if you’re partial to Coke?  While there’s no US produced Coke [yet] that uses sugar as a sweetener, Coke from Mexico was always an option. That is no longer the case – we’ve spotted product of Mexican origin with [the now-entirely-untouchable-by-those-who-shop-at-Whole Foods] corn syrup. Those who reside in India have had it pretty good all this time – sugar very much rules the roost. Here, Coke uses sugar, as does everyone else. There is no substitute.

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  1. 135 « thinkmore said, on October 14, 2009 at 12:01 pm

    […] actually consumed by this author. But this is not an ordinary Coke. Well after it was introduced in India and Mexico, and certainly well after the debut of Pepsi Natural, Coca Cola sweetened with sugar is […]

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