Posted in good design, things we like, tools of the trade by hemmant jha on May 20, 2009

Moleskine [pocket size].

Like a newborn, this brand had so very much attention lavished on it at the time of release. It was a wonderful little thing – the notebook of choice for anyone with even the smallest amount of design appreciation.

Newborns age, and with that goes the rapt attention they could once so easily command. Such is the case with our friend, Moleskine. The purveyor of good taste in notebooks is now seeking attention through variation in the form of celebrity endorsements, different sizes and grades, colors and finishes.

Stick with the pocket size notebook – effortless to carry and good to write in, it has enough real estate for meaningful notes and none for rambling. Not for nothing has it been lovingly adopted by practitioners of fine penmanship the world over – it’s a classic. Have pocket Moleskine, will travel – mine’s traveling with me across the world.




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