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Always on:

Lamy Safari with Lamy Ink.

Moleskine pocket diary / planner.

Ricoh GR1s / GR21 with Ilford XP2.

Jintan Silver.

Motofone F3.

This is my essential travel kit, always in vest pockets no matter where I go.

I’ve shown you mine, would you show me yours?

{Please send across your picture + short description of a favorite travel kit [image at least 720 pixels across]}.

thinkmore travel 1B2web2


Huzzah – more at last! Reproduced below are the essential travel kits of Emily at OrangeBeautiful [she blogs here] and Joshua at Sidedown [he blogs here]. For details and specifications, please follow these links : Emily, Joshua.

Thanks for sharing these with us [and for the finely crafted images] – keep them coming, folks.




And we have another example of a constant companion – here’s what the author of a blog I enjoy and visit regularly carries with him at all times. Jason, thanks for sharing!

[Pilot Penmanship EF, Pilot Plumix Italic, Preppy with Jherbin Vert Reseda, Preppy with JHerbin Vert Pre and Noodlers Black mix, Waterman Phileas with JHerbin Poussiere De Lune, Helix ruler, Scripto P300 .05mm pencil, Pentel PD345 .05 mm pencil, Levernger Smuggler’s Journal].

For a look at the contents of his backpack, please follow this link – it’s well worth the trip.

Writing Pack


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  1. outsidedown said, on May 22, 2009 at 7:10 pm

    Emily and I will each accept this challenge as we prepare for our trip.

  2. hemmant jha said, on May 22, 2009 at 8:31 pm

    Excellent! As for rules, there are none but one : the kit must be able to be a constant companion, not special for one particular day / special event. I can easily see how a handsome Zeiss spotting scope would make my little Ricoh feel quite inadequate.

    Have a great trip!

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