Posted in delhi, GR1s, the world around us by hemmant jha on May 29, 2009

45C / 113F [in the shade] sound good to anyone about now? Welcome to summers in Delhi, India.

When temperatures routinely reach that magical mark, a broken-down air conditioner simply cannot stay that way. Consider this an unboxing of a different sort – this sequence of images traces the removal of the errant machine, it’s partial disassembly, identification of the problem and the final test after repair and reinstallation.

thinkmore 00940010

thinkmore 00940013

thinkmore 00940014

thinkmore 00940022

thinkmore 00940030

thinkmore 00940029

thinkmore 00940017

thinkmore 00940023


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  1. nrepose said, on June 3, 2009 at 4:08 pm

    How hot does it get there? Great photos. Nr

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