Posted in delhi, the world around us by hemmant jha on June 1, 2009

Agribusiness. Slightly more than 2 cents’ worth.

There’s no dearth of information about agribusiness [modern, beyond large scale, beyond borders] and its effects on health, local economies, the environment, lots more. As a primer, I’d suggest getting hold of Fast Food Nation in print [or here] and King Corn on dvd. Should you wish to learn more about food and its production and how to cook / what to eat, please visit Bitten [NYT blog of Mark Bittman] – as always, questions and comments are welcome here at thinkmore.

India has a large local agricultural base and many related industries. Once sheltered by the protectionist policies of the government, markets are now open to competition from everywhere. While there are sincere and noteworthy efforts such as the organic products of Fabindia and Navadanya, most new agribusiness ventures in India are inspired less by the fabulous farmers’ markets of Santa Monica, CA, and much more by large scale, processed and packaged food trends from abroad. Quite the reverse of trends overseas.

This is but one small example : the latest in ketchup, 3 cents’ worth.

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