Posted in delhi, GR1s, the world around us by hemmant jha on June 16, 2009

Salim Kababs.

Tucked away in the back lanes of Khan Market, Delhi, is a small eatery with no seating, a limited menu, no decor to speak of, practically no space for its employees to work in. If any or all of the above turn you off, stay away. If the very best Mutton Burra and genuinely melt-in-your-mouth Kakori Kababs are of interest, place this at the top of a [quite long] list of spectacularly good small eateries in Delhi. It is that good, and equals or surpasses highly regarded top-flight restaurants. Service is efficient, the foil lined paper plates demonstrate sufficient structural integrity, the neighborhood dogs seem friendly as they eye the scraps. 

As any self-respecting foodie knows, the best food simply cannot come from places that have an ‘A’ listing from the health services [Jonathan Gold, LA Weekly] or anywhere on the beaten track for that matter [Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations]. As for whether you’ll actually go to Salim’s, we’ll let the pictures help you make that decision.

thinkmore salim's 001webthinkmore salim's 003webthinkmore salim kakabs 03250001

thinkmore salim kakabs 02930016

thinkmore salim kakabs 02930012

thinkmore salim kakabs 02930010


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