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Santa Monica Beach.

Quite in keeping with the feel-good vibe, the organic produce, the relaxed state of mind enhanced by yoga and bracing sea breezes, is the emphasis on environmental consciousness and sustainability. It is easily the city with the most hybrid vehicles on view, both for personal use and commercial. Perfectly in step is the constabulary of the LA County Beach Lifeguards, outfitted with bright yellow hybrid people movers. 

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Santa Monica Beach.

Situated moments away from downtown Santa Monica and just a few minutes [or hours, depending on traffic] from Los Angeles is this remarkably peaceful and wide expanse of sky, sea and sand. Combined with the fantastic organic produce, the yoga studios and the generally positive vibe, this is a life-affirming experience not to be missed.

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Liquid Courage.

Handed out to the soldiers of the Red Army before they went off to battle, this diminutive bottle holds 100ml. of modestly endowed vodka. Considering what I’ve heard from first hand accounts of the conditions those fighters lived in and fought in, I can imagine that it might well have taken two bottles of this stuff.

Koh-i-noor pencil was not the weapon of choice – shown for size comparison only. 

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Coca Cola.

Made in Mexico. With sugar, not corn syrup. Now at your local 7/11. Finally.

Two posts in a row about a carbonated beverage seems a bit much, considering how little of it is actually consumed by this author. But this is no ordinary Coke. Well after it was introduced in India and Mexico, and certainly well after the debut of Pepsi Natural, Coca Cola sweetened with sugar is finally available here.

Not made in the US, this version is bottled in Mexico and comes in a svelte glass bottle. Quite a departure from the plump plastic bottles of Coke commonly available in the US, this bottle feels reassuringly solid to hold – the heft comes from the glass, not the comparatively modest 355ml. of nectar within. The smoother, mellower flavor combined with a softer carbonation makes this a genuinely refreshing beverage. 

Of course, no amount of tweaking will make this a healthy beverage – regardless of the addition of vitamins, removal of sugar or corn syrup and packaging large and small, this is not to be confused with a glass of orange juice, kombucha, or water. Neither will it kill you at first sip. When the mood strikes, reach for the slender bottle at the local 7/11 or at any of the taco trucks in LA.

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everyday design, Japan.

The perfect little can of Coke. Enough for a caffeine fix, perhaps not quite enough to contribute significantly to that early onset of diabetes. While the perfect cup of coffee can be quite rewarding, sometimes a Coke is just what one needs. While still laced with corn syrup, there’s just a lot less of it here. Of course, those looking for a sugared drink can look elsewhere, but a Coke is a Coke.

What are the chances we will see these at the local 7/11 someday soon? 

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