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Amoeba Music, Los Angeles.

We tend not to gush very much or very often over here at thinkmore – superlatives do not come easily. But there’s no other way to put this : Amoeba Music, Los Angeles, is the best music source [music store] there is.

We’re quite familiar with music outlets in the US, Japan, Europe – there are many wonderful, carefully curated collections lovingly tended to by those that know their music. Some are specialists in a particular genre, some in a particular medium, some offer music related memorabilia and oddities – they pale in comparison to the sheer size and scope of the offering at Amoeba.

Statistics and details can only reveal so much – for anyone truly interested in music and sound recorded on physical media [CD and Vinyl], this is the place to be. It matters little how far you live from LA, or how unappealing LA seems from afar : this is a must. And after you’ve maxed out a card or two, head over to this place for a brilliant and calming yoga experience or sign up for a twitter feed from these guys to feed that body overworked from hefting those discs.

This sequence of images begins with the automotive descent into the Amoeba Music parking garage, and up into the store via a flight of stairs. While every attempt has been made to capture the breadth and scope of what’s on offer, images cannot capture the rush and the exuberance one feels while in the space. The experience is similar to being at a wonderful beach – the breadth and scope magnificent, the warm glow unforgettable, and every image captured on camera a cheap facsimile. So use this imagery just as a guide, and set sail.

thinkmore amoeba music R1024307

thinkmore amoeba music R1024309

thinkmore amoeba music R1024310

thinkmore amoeba music R1024313

thinkmore amoeba music R1024311

thinkmore amoeba music R1024314

thinkmore amoeba music R1024315

thinkmore amoeba music R1024317

thinkmore amoeba music R1024322

thinkmore amoeba music R1024324

thinkmore amoeba music R1024327

thinkmore amoeba music R1024334

thinkmore amoeba music R1024337

thinkmore amoeba music R1024338

thinkmore amoeba music R1024340

thinkmore amoeba music R1024342

thinkmore amoeba music R1024344

thinkmore amoeba music R1024331

thinkmore amoeba music R1024371


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