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Kogi BBQ, Los Angeles.

Waiting in line to enter the parking garage at Amoeba Music, this author pondered the various dining options in the area – and there are many, ranging from the quite visible In’n’Out Burger to the virtually invisible Paru’s. Quite by chance and through rushing traffic, I caught a flicker of something quite common to LA parked right across the street – a food truck. And food trucks in LA [also in NYC] can be very good indeed. Follow LA food trucks here.

Yet this was not just any food truck, but the much vaunted and oft praised Kogi Barbeque truck – one that the very talented food critic, Jonathan Gold, waxed poetic about [photo gallery here] in the LA Weekly. For those interested in food and in reading about food [the production, the marketing, the taste], one of Gold’s very best pieces here.

Fully in keeping with the feel-good LA vibe, this choice had been made for me. The following series of images documents the fortuitous encounter.

thinkmore kogi barbeque R1024299

thinkmore kogi barbeque R1024300

thinkmore kogi barbeque R1024301

thinkmore kogi barbeque R1024359

thinkmore kogi barbeque R1024364

thinkmore kogi barbeque R1024366A

thinkmore kogi barbeque R1024367


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  1. Brian said, on November 7, 2009 at 2:46 am

    Don’t forget Spencer on the Go in San Francisco:

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