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Paru’s Indian Vegetarian Restaurant, Los Angeles.

For some of us, the perfect weekend morning comprises a visit to Golden Bridge Yoga for a physically and mentally reconditioning kundalini yoga session followed by the carrot-almond shake at Paru’s – and a short detour to Amoeba Music in between. This wonderful shake is simply the precursor to a more elaborate and satisfying, all vegetarian meal that showcases the flavors of southern India.

Those accustomed to the canned blandness of what passes for Indian food at most establishments will find this meal a revelation – in much the same way that just walking into Paru’s is a revelation. Quite invisible from the street, Paru’s presents a most unmemorable face to the casual passer-by on Sunset Boulevard. Like many of LA’s most focused and memorable dining spots, it is another nondescript storefront which presents a shuttered and opaque face to the world.

None of this need be of concern. Be brave and walk up to Paru’s, ring the buzzer – you’re ushered into an open-to-sky dining space, with tables generously spaced ‘neath the canopies of many trees. First time visitors should try the combination plates – they are carefully laid out and nothing on them is an afterthought. Sip that shake, sit back and feel that warm sunlight on your face – enjoy the best of what LA has to offer.

Paru’s is open 4:00pm to 11:00pm for dinner, Monday through Friday, and 1:00pm to 10:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

thinkmore paru's R1024379

thinkmore paru's R1024380

thinkmore paru's R1024384

thinkmore paru's R1024389


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