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Pazzo Gelato, Los Angeles.

Pistachio milkshake at Pazzo Gelato = unbridled joy.

A heavenly amalgam of salted pistachios, milk, cream and sugar. So many are the scoops that go into the making of this milkshake that excitement and wonderment soon give rise to worry about calories and other mundane stuff – look away and let the good people of PG do their thing. As long as this is not a daily fix, you’re probably going to live. Worries set aside, the result will leave you smiling and speechless. If not, let us know, and we’ll treat you to a dairy beverage you find more compelling – if that’s possible.

The espresso, made with beans from Intelligentsia, is very good – the selection of flyers about neighborhood goings on, plenty interesting. Great are the seasonal sorbetti – created from whatever’s freshest and organic at the local farmers’ markets. 3 different plum sorbetti? Why not? Try them all. 

The milkshake in the picture is Madagascar Chocolate – wonderful, but pales in comparison to the pistachio.

thinkmore pazzo gelato R1024397

thinkmore pazzo gelato R1024420

thinkmore pazzo gelato R1024407

thinkmore pazzo gelato R1024404

thinkmore pazzo gelato R1024401

thinkmore pazzo gelato R1024410

thinkmore pazzo gelato R1024422


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  1. 204 « thinkmore said, on September 8, 2010 at 10:49 am

    […] favorite milkshake flavor is Salted Pistachio, and the Pazzo Gelato version is highly satisfying. The Milk Bar version is very different – for $9, it seems […]

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