Posted in things we like, tools of the trade by hemmant jha on April 13, 2010

Single Origin Espresso.

As the more avid coffee drinkers amongst you are undoubtedly aware, there’s a little outfit out of Chicago called Intelligentsia. Working on a project in close proximity to an outpost of this coffee house has provided ample opportunity for us to partake of the fruits of their expertise. Put simply, I’ve yet to have a better espresso experience than what is provided by their SOE.

I am an espresso drinker and have written off the espresso experience at all chains – Starbucks is undrinkable, the standard version at Peet’s is pretty good, but not outstanding [their latte macchiato, however, is. In the right hands, the foam is sublime – pure velvet]. Until now, all these have paled in comparison to a particularly good espresso I had in Milan a few years ago. Wandering about the city during Design Week one morning, I happened upon a small coffee shop at the flagship store of a major fashion house. A fashion house with its own coffee shop sounded reasonable enough, but how good could it possibly be? The china was plain white, the service brisk and efficient, the price reasonable, the espresso a revelation. Perfectly roasted, perfectly rounded jammy, fruity brown goodness. Sadly enough, it’s been a long wait to find another cup of similar qualifications [and many thousands of dollars wasted on less than stellar brew].

The SOE at Intelligentsia changes all that – simply can’t get enough. Perfectly roasted, perfectly prepared – far from the burnt and murky mess most of us out there are used to [some permanently turned off by]. The uniqueness of regional beans shines through – the bite, the fruit, the acidity, the finish – all on glorious display on the tongue.

Get it while it lasts.


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