Posted in good design, things we like, tools of the trade by hemmant jha on June 13, 2010

Clothing by Patagonia.

Love the stuff – what’s not to like [other than the slight middle-of-the-road North Face inspired trendiness that’s just crept into some products]? They’re thoughtfully designed and beautifully put together. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, sales and after sales service [lifetime guarantee] a pleasure. Combine this with a genuine heritage of hard-wearing products for use outdoors and concern for environmental issues – why buy anything else?

As I write this, I have on a Patagonia vest, the material of which is derived almost entirely from recycled plastic bottles – over the years, I’ve presumed it indestructible [there’s a reason this post resides under ‘tools of the trade‘], until I managed to burn a hole in it. Featured below are the best wool socks my feet have had the pleasure of being ensconced in – they are detailed beautifully along their entire length, and while some of those details are visible in the weave, what those details contribute can only be experienced – get a pair.


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