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Design & Drycleaning.

The best part about being a young design firm? The world is your oyster.

The worst part about being a young design firm? Bad oysters can make you seriously ill. As can the constant exposure to the uber-sensitivity [aka insecurities] of potential clients, sometimes more in play especially because your design firm is young. Clients might be a tad nervous spending their money on a young firm than they might be going to a big chop shop. Contrary to what you have been told, or may believe, size matters.

In our experience, these fears have nothing to do with the quality of what you deliver to your client. And these fears have nothing to do with the size of client, or the size of the business they bring to your firm – in fact, our two best clients have been a Fortune 100 company, and a small startup.

Unfounded or not, the fears are not imaginary. And as a budding entrepreneur, you must address them. To ameliorate these fears, you will find yourself not just a designer, but a therapist and a counselor, an accountant and a barkeep, a shepherd and a knight-in-shining-armour, a dry-cleaner even [long story best told over drinks]. To all those who aspire to start their own design firms : unless you enjoy doing laundry, stick to the 9 to 5.

Below is a picture taken when we’d just leased our new studio space – clean palette, unbridled optimism.



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What is this thing?

I imagine some of you will recognize it instantly, in which case, I’d request that you pass this little teaser on to someone not intimately familiar. The winner, chosen at random from the many millions of responses I’m sure we’ll get [send them to, with 209 as email subject], will receive a prize from the selection of objects we’ve featured on this blog.

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