Posted in things we like by hemmant jha on November 18, 2010
Oh love oh love oh loveless love
Has set our heart on goal-less goals
From milkless milk and silkless silk
We are growing used to soul-less souls

Such grafting times we never saw
That’s why we have a pure food law
In everything we find a flaw
Even love oh love oh loveless love

This is a post about cookies and macaroons, lovingly created by a single practitioner of the fine art of dehydration and assemblage. Seeing as how we ingest synthetics in practically all that we eat, it seemed fitting to use the words of W.C. Handy, whose lyrics compare loveless love to synthetic goods and artificial food, to kick off this micro review.

I’ve known Michelle Koza for a few years now, back from our days at the Sony Electronics Design Center in Santa Monica, CA. She made UI, now she makes cookies. The common thread between her efforts then and now is the emphasis on green / organic / recycled / reused. She pushed for these in CE, now she’s making it happen in her own business.

If you wonder what makes bacon an addictive additive, look no farther than the apple+bacon bits. Try the chipotle+cocoa versions for a bit of sweet, lingering heat. Whatever your leaning, tuck at least one serving of the absolutely winning lavender & lemon macaroons into that order – you’ll thank me later.

Needless to say, all products made in Santa Monica. Home-made, in the finest tradition. And everything is green / organic / recycled / reused to the max. And delicious. Perfect with espresso. I’m sold – one bite, and you will be too.


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