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In Your Little Finger lies Absolute Power.

Can you help us without lifting a finger? Almost. Here’s how : vote for Wheelwell [our not-for-profit] to get a research and development grant from Pepsi.

As you’re aware, we’re creating a new wheelchair for people with spinal cord injury. For our research and development phase, we’ve applied for several grants. Our biggest application is the Pepsi Refresh Project, which alone will fund practically all of our research, development and enable us to make lots of prototypes!

Their grants are given out to those who get the most votes, and you can vote. In fact, you can vote one time every day until January 01, 2011 : vote early and often. Voting is pretty simple, and you may do it one of two ways (even both).

Voting for us will help us win this grant. This grant will help us bring this wheelchair to life, and we feel this wheelchair will help many with spinal cord injuries live richer lives.

Thanks for reading this far, the links are just below.

Vote here:

Text by sending 104725 to 73774

The process is simple : the most votes win.

So ask your friends, spread the word any way you can, across the world.

Post this to your Facebook page, and be our friend – we’re here on Facebook.

If you have a blog, post this to your blog.

If you’re on LinkedIn, tap into your network.

If you’re part of a large corporate entity, send this along to your colleagues.

Use your finger for a good cause. Thank you.


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