Posted in things we like, tools of the trade by hemmant jha on January 5, 2011

$14.99 = $3,800. Kinda, sorta, sometimes.

Fully in keeping with the last post, which suggested getting the hell out of the workspace to become a better designer, here’s something that turned our little audiophile world on its head – a cheap, virtually unknown amplifier that’s lighter than an iphone, ships in a little padded envelope, hardly consumes any electricity, and gives our resident heavyweight tube amp [47lbs] a run for its money.

To put this in perspective, and to keep you all from running out and blowing $14.99 on this widget, I will say that this will not work as well for everyone. Associated equipment, such as loudspeakers, must be of the appropriate kind. In our second studio system, we use a vintage pair of Klipsch LaScala speakers, built in 1976, all drivers with alnico magnets. These speakers are highly efficient, which makes them very easy for any amplifier to drive with little or no strain. And amplifiers, like people, are happy when they’re not stressed out. That old adage, ‘grace under pressure’, applies even less to amplifiers than it does to people.

We love to talk [and do] hi-fi, good design, things that make the world go round – stop by, or drop us a line.


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