Posted in GRD, the world around us by hemmant jha on January 17, 2011

Air travel does things to people. Flying does not come naturally – if we were meant to fly, we’d have wings. Over time, humans have adapted to the experience of many hours spent hurtling through skies at high speed while ensconced in seats that offer varying levels of discomfort, all the while encased in flimsy tubes of steel and aluminum.

The more enterprising among us have found ways to be productive on flights, while the most enterprising have adapted to become one with air travel – take it away, and they’re a fish out of water [Up In the Air]. For those less evolved, air travel is rendered humane through the liberal consumption of alcoholic beverages. Whether cheap in economy, or acceptable in business class, whisky does much to dull the pain.

Nothing dulls the pain, the tedium and toil of walking through miles of straight passages at airports. The pictures below, taken across 3 continents, are illustrative of flagrant violations of the #1 rule in architecture – when designing for humans, respect for the human scale must be paramount.


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