Posted in GRD, the world around us by hemmant jha on January 18, 2011

free wifi or free water?

Being at modern airports is not fun. The experience can be a bit tedious, sometimes overwhelming, and generally tiresome. As an architect, I look for little bitty redeeming qualities at airports, having long given up hope of finding Saarinen masterworks in my travels. Put plainly, modern airports suck bigtime.

Were you to find yourself in this bigtime sucky environment with hours to go until your flight, would free wifi trump free water? Zurich has clean, uninspired architecture and free respite from thirst while Dubai has cast restraint to the wind in its architectural leanings and charges $4 for a small bottle of Evian – but the wifi is free, mostly fast and omnipresent. Presented below are sparkling moments from this airport experience, brought to you by Maxspot.

swatch in the same aisle as vertu - madness


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