Posted in our work by hemmant jha on February 4, 2011

arm 1 | thinkmore

Sound and music. We hear it, we feel it, we react to it. The better the quality of sound, the more visceral the experience.

We feel that vinyl playback most successfully captures the original intent of recorded sound. It is also a very transparent and enjoyable process. Not confined within bits in an electronic maze, playing back a vinyl record and adjusting analog playback for optimum sound is very hands-on and highly satisfying.

Presenting Arm 1.

We’ve taken our knowledge of design, engineering and materials sciences, and our love of vinyl, and distilled it into this tonearm for turntables. Arm 1 is designed for the very precise retrieval of recorded sound. It is highly stable and non-resonant, which ensures accuracy of retrieved signals. Adjustments can be made precisely and repeatably to within 0.001″. Formed of ceramic composites, bronze, stainless steel.

What does all this get you? Ella and Aretha sound like themselves in all their glory, not like each other.

In technical testing and evaluation. Patents pending. Available soon.

more images here.


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