Posted in tools of the trade by hemmant jha on April 20, 2011

Yes, it is possible.

Remarkable as it sounds, it is possible to take 100% Kona coffee, brew it on a Clover machine, and serve it up so it tastes like dust. Warmed over tapwater has more drive, and Chinatown dishwater more character. Who, but who could we credit for this skillfully wrought masterpiece? Behold the new face of Starbucks.

It has been a while since I walked into one, having promised self to not help promote bad coffee. I found myself in one with a few minutes to spare when a meeting was called off at the last minute. Looking around, I spied a section of the offerings on display – “Starbucks Reserve” it cried [in dark brown livery]! 100% Kona! Organic Sumthin’! Local Sumthin’ else! And the die was cast.

Now, it’s entirely possible Starbucks has been pulling in unsuspecting Intelligentsia / Peet’s types with the promise of exotic, limited edition type stuff, properly brewed. But I’d not heard of it, and I have not been a Starbucks customer in months, maybe years. I stood in line, placed my order, waited for it to be brewed, took these pictures, found a seat and fired up WordPress, took a sip, then another, and wrote this piece.

Not even the police could stop this coffee travesty.

Reserve this : when around a Starbucks [pretty much everywhere these days], never let your guard down.


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