Posted in things we like by hemmant jha on May 1, 2011

By now, the more adventurous among you have tried at least one of the Starbucks Reserve offerings, perhaps based on my recommendation in the last post. I imagine you’ve come away with the same ashen taste in your mouth that I did. To restore a bit of color to those cheeks, may I suggest trying some of this DEA harissa?

It is a blunt weapon. It is not homemade – nobody’s mother slaved away for hours, carefully assembling, grinding, and stirring. DEA harissa comes to us from France in a tube, and is probably made at an industrial plant somewhere. At $2.49, it is infinitely more interesting than that ‘100% Kona’, and costs about $0.50 less. Use the spare change to feed the meter while you order yourself another merguez sandwich slathered with this stuff. Enjoy.


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