Posted in the world around us, things we like by hemmant jha on May 14, 2011

Chicago has a seamy underbelly, and this is quite well known. Those of us familiar with the city are also familiar with the tattered state of its roads and the vagaries of its weather. The words ‘rusted hulks’ apply equally well to the entrenched structures of power in this fair city as they do to the numerous strangely beautiful and old school bridges that span the Chicago river. The worry I feel when I see the deep layers of powdery orange-brown rust on these slowly crumbling load bearing structures is ably offset by the joy of using these lumbering giants of¬†beautifully simple build and unpretentious grace.

One day the rust will turn these steel structures to the consistency of a rich butter biscuit, and they will be replaced by rather soulless things. I have been documenting dormant Chicago bridges over the years, and here is a series that captures the lovely seamy underbelly [as seen from the river] of some of the bridges most used. Bridge 1 below.


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