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Ridiculously over-the-top, super obsessive, perfectionist instruments of high-end audio.


” It’s hard to describe this unit’s physical presence, which goes beyond mere looks, build quality, or charisma (all of which the TL 0 possesses in massive quantities). Suffice to say that grown men become incoherent and bug-eyed at first glance, pausing to stroke its elegant flanks while murmuring, “What is this?” ”

” The TL 0 is tactile—it’s a device for those who have an appreciation of the finer things in life. You’ve got an attractive spouse and a wine cellar. Your kid goes to Harvard. Perhaps you’re a surgeon living in Westchester who has an Alfa 6C 2300 sitting in the garage. You covet a blast around Le Mans in a Birdcage Maserati. You’re sorry you never got that engineering degree, but you were too busy making your company wildly successful. You love the close precision of fine mechanical devices. You could be a filthy-rich yuppie, but I don’t see it; you’re most likely older. You’ve been knocked about by life, you’re wiser now, and you’re ready to sit back and savor the karma, operation, and sound of the TL 0.

You’re not in a hurry—you pay people to rush about for you.”

Shown below is the latest iteration, the TL0-X.





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In transit. Chicago to San Francisco.



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