who we are

This is a meeting ground for enthusiasts – it will appeal to those who are willing to go the extra mile for something better, be it a product, a service, an interest. Obsession and the pursuit of perfection encouraged.

thinkmore features ideas with merit. This blog does not sway freely in the winds of the moment. As such, our ‘new and noteworthy’ segment will likely remain sparsely populated. Think of thinkmore as a repository of timeless, truly good stuff. As a group, we are all enthusiasts with varying interests : good design, good music and its good reproduction, photography, good writing, hard driving. Join us in supporting the good stuff.

thinkmore is also an industrial design company. As of earlier this year, the partners at thinkmore have decided to pursue interests outside the company. The philosophy behind thinkmore, and our beliefs and thoughts continue to permeate the new environments we find ourselves in.

We create products. We design and develop how products behave, what they look like, and how they communicate.

As engineers, architects, and researchers, we understand the technology that resides beneath the surface. As artists and designers, we know what it takes to present this technology in compelling and memorable ways. As responsible citizens of the world, we care about doing the most good for the most people.

To this end, we’ve worked with some of the largest corporations and organizations in the world, along with developing our own ideas. We have been practicing this user focused synthesis of design, engineering, technology development and just plain smart thinking for 7 years. In order to collaborate more effectively, and to pool our talents, we came together under one umbrella in 2007.

We established thinkmore because we believe there are elegant solutions to even the toughest problems, and we wanted to dedicate our talents to finding these solutions. Our approach bridges design and engineering, with results that are at once inventive and intuitive. Our goal is to make technology more useful and engaging for people every day.

Call us, visit, or email — we’d love to hear from you.

520 west erie street

chicago, illinois 60654

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